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Our Mission

To empower the A-List Hero within us to Aspire, Connect and Achieve our best life via interactive transformational experiences.

Our Vision

  • Aspire: Our games encourage you to become your A-List Hero
  • Connect: Our games create a safe environment to co-create with your peers
  • Achieve: Our games transform you to live your best life, be your joyous self and become a global leader.

About Us

Robin, Sandra & Cindy met in the California mountains on a journey which would change their lives forever. Each coming from such different yet similar backgrounds, they connected in a way that allowed them to achieve what some would say was impossible. In 10 hours Robin, Sandra and Cindy, along with two other teammates, raised $10,000 for foster children in the San Diego area. Their belief that together they could raise $10,000 was what inspired them to accomplish more than each of them could on their own. This is how A-List Hero was born!

About Robin

Robin is a gifted coach, communications specialist and inspirational leader who works with individuals, families and businesses in transition. She assists you with defining your current challenges and their root causes, and co- creates a living map of success that will move you beyond your challenges to live the life you want. A dynamic collaboration model is created to assess and understand your development needs, challenge current constraints and explore, determine and expand your possibilities. Together you will create a transformational process for reaching your goals, sustaining your success and visioning expansive futures. Her methods are innovative, integrative and individualized to help you. She uses a results oriented approach with guided reflection and introspection practices that help you to change, hone your own arsenal of tools, re-ignite your hope and triumph. Robin will help you to touch and be touched by your own personal greatness.“Health is the moving toward and the fulfillment of having fun and consciously creating success.”

About Sandra

As a networking, connection, and matchmaking expert, Sandra Hanesworth has pioneered a unique method of building, nurturing, and maintaining lifelong relationships. She is the founder of the A-List Connection, a community devoted to helping men and women reignite their vision for health, career, travel, and love in all areas of life. Across her wide professional and entrepreneurial background, Sandra has built relationships in a variety of different industries such as the culinary industry, wedding planning, home design, small business, and many more. In addition, Sandra is a dedicated member of many communities, receiving recognition as the Volunteer of the Year from the Fremont Police Department. Through creativity, compassion, and vision, Sandra can help you discover your passion for life and connect you with the resources to make your dreams a reality.

About Cindy

Cindy is an entrepreneur, visionary, speaker, co-founder of Clever Belle, a girl empowerment t-shirt company and a sales and marketing professional. She reinvented herself when she chose to leave a corporate job after a life changing family event.  Cindy is an expert in strategic positioning, relationship management, and business development. She’s been recognized for her unique ability to rebuild troubled processes with her creative issue resolution skills and move concepts from strategy to completion by collaborating and teaming with partners in other business arenas.  Her passion for creating new products, ideas, and strategic vision is what inspired her to join forces with Sandra and Robin in the creation of A-List Hero. As a mother of two teenage daughters, she found it difficult to see her ambitious, competitive and eager daughters, retreat from normal activities they loved as they transitioned from child to adolescent. Discouraged also by the mixed messages being sent to tween & teen girls about body image, coupled with immense social pressures, she felt a strong desire to change the downward trajectory girls experience during puberty and help empower girls of all ages. Cindy is married and resides with her family in Naperville, IL.