Benefits of a Sponsor

  • Help Empower Ripple Opportunities
  • Give the gift of leadership to a teen in your life
  • Updates on how teens are thriving
  • Share your wisdom as an adult mentor
  • Connect with other parents, teachers, youth leaders who are dealing with everyday teen issues for guidance and support
  • Find valuable resources from credible teen experts

Thank you for your interest in becoming an A-List Hero Sponsor. Today’s teens are being bombarded with digital content that perhaps matures them in a virtual way, but what they lack is emotional intelligence and real-life situational maturity. A-List Hero equips them with real life problem solving skills, reflective interpersonal relationships, and allows them to step into the shoes of Heroes through interactive games; a way in which teens love to learn.

Teen suicide is an epidemic and has become the second leading cause of death in our youth worldwide. Whether you’re a teacher, youth volunteer, parent, or business owner, we all have the ability to interact with teens in our lives each and everyday. Now more than ever, our youth need us to show up as compassionate, caring leaders.

Most of the youth programs are directed by well-meaning adults who share strategies, protocols and perspectives to become a “healthy adolescent”. Perhaps our youth don’t need more adults with rules telling them what they can and can’t do? What if the thing they need most is a Hero who inspires them to choose what THEY CAN DO! What if they need to recognize that which makes each of them an A-List Hero. In our program, teens empower teens to develop themselves, each other and their community to be A-List Heroes. Put on your cape and get ready to help shape the next generation of leaders!